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Ciara Daly’s Over 40’s Online Make Up Course is a series of 7 lessons, bringing you back to basics to help you fall back in love with applying your make up while giving you new inspiration to enhance your make up routine. 

All in a simple and easy to digest way from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

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Feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start with updating your make up techniques?

I'm Ciara Daly, one of Ireland's longest established multi-award winning makeup artists and these are some of the concerns that I help women overcome every single day.

Being in my 40's myself, I understand the feelings and mindset of getting older and can fully relate to the difficulties that women face in today's society thanks to constant photographs, social media, Zoom meetings, etc.

I've helped thousands of women to learn to enjoy making up again by making it fun, simple, and more manageable.

It doesn't matter what your current skill level is.
I want to make it as easy as possible for you to:

Look and feel good for every occasion by having a better mindset and understanding around your make up and products.

Master a set of iconic make up techniques from your own home that you can use for life over and over again.

Have the support you need without embarrassment, confusion, overwhelm or buying the wrong products.

This is why I created



A simplified approach to mastering your make up and feeling sexier than ever no matter what age you are.

What makes this course unique?

This course is designed specifically for women over 40 and you will be trained by me using many of the techniques I have mastered in my career and have trained others to do.

  • I have trained over 2000 make up artists 
  • I have over 20 years experience in the makeup industry
  • I have had 1000s of clients already complete her online make up masterclasses with huge success
  • I have also created a highly successful range of make up products with your skin in mind stocked in Gordon’s, Medicare, and many other pharmacies.  

I don’t beat around the bush.  Within this course, I want to share a no-nonsense approach to and the real truth behind what cosmetic companies don’t want you to know or understand.  

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge, tools and confidence that you need to feel great!

If you have been wearing the same make up for years and need some new inspiration and guidance, we are here to help.

As we get older, our skin changes.  This means your makeup application process and products need to change.  We understand that make up shopping can be overwhelming and confusing.  Let’s make it easy for you. 

Are you ready to feel great about yourself again?

This course will:

Give you easy instructions to achieve a variety of iconic looks

Teach you the products and processes you should follow for your skin

Have you looking and feeling stunning whatever the occasion

Save you time and money that we are sure you have wasted exploring and testing the extensive world of make up

What our clients are saying...

How does it work?

This is an online course that once purchased, you will have lifetime access to, allowing you to pause and repeat as many times as you need to perfect your look.  

The first lesson uncovers the industry tips and tricks for purchasing the right products.  Then, once you’ve nailed the product secrets, you will have access to 5 easy to follow video tutorials whereby I will guide you through 5 make up looks that will cover every occasion from that everyday look, to nailing that confidence work look to getting glam for that exciting event you have coming up.


What's Included in the course?

You will receive a series of 7 videos simplifying 5 different makeup looks with an in-depth explanation of products and tools. You will additionally learn:

Series of 7 videos Inclusive of 5 different makeup looks video giving an in depth explanation of products and tools Understanding what brush to use to create certain techniques

  • Step by step guide on each technique simplifying various makeup looks in an easy to follow digestable format
  • All the do’s and dont’s specified to the older more mature skin
  • How to create a fuller lip, how far should you over draw your lip, how to apply the perfect lip liner
  • Classic yet wearable, black flicks and red lips with a twist
  • Suitable professional workplace makeup
  • Natural everyday wearable makeup look
  • Iconic glam look wearable at any age
  • Bold dark smoky eye for the more adventurous

Here is the difference that Ciara’s Over 40’s Makeup Course will make to your life:

Ciara Daly’s Over 40's Makeup Course

  • Lifetime access
  • Unlimited plays
  • Training by Ciara Daly - one of Ireland's longest established multi award winning makeup artists
  • 5 in-depth video makeup tutorials with a step by step guide for each technique simplifying various makeup looks in an easy to follow digestible format
  • Product insight and links, giving you everything you need to perfect your look

Once purchased, you will be sent a welcome email with your logins to begin immediately

Each training video is approximately 30 minutes long therefore the pace will be set by you.  It is true what they say, practice makes perfect therefore we would recommend practicing each look a few times in order to perfect your look

Yes, these courses where designed to guide everyone through perfecting their look

No, one of our lessons includes utilitising the products you already have 🙂

Please don’t worry about technology, once you receive your logins you will simply click on a link (from your mobile phone or laptop), enter your username and password, then hit play 🙂

Be confident, feel admired, be ready to enjoy every moment again!

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